Population: 2,104 (01.01.2017)

Area: 216 km²

Villages: 25+ the parish centre

Schools: 2

Kindergartens: 1



Palamuse is one of the oldest parishes in Estonia, it was first mentioned in 1234. Archeological findings confirm that there has been a settlement here for a very long period of time. The nearest towns to Palamuse are Tartu (42 km) and Jõgeva (17 km), Tallinn is only 173 km away. Most of the parish is located in Vooremaa landscape region which was formed from shelf ice streaming, the west side of the parish is located in the area of Lake Võrtsjärv lowland. You can find the lakes of Kuremaa, Prossa, Pikkjärv and Ilmjärv in the parish. At the parish borders there are the lakes of Kaiavere and Raigastvere. Vooremaa Landscape Protection Area includes the lakes of Prossa, Pikkjärv, Ilmjärv, Kaiavere and Raigastvere. In addition, there are two rivers flowing through the parish, these are the Amme River and the Laeva River.



Education is given in two schools: Luua Primary School and Oskar Luts Palamuse Gymnasium. Additionally, in Luua Village there is Luua Forestry School which is one the few schools in Estonia giving vocational forestry education. Since 1995, the school has had a further education department. In Palamuse Parish kindergarten called Nukitsamees there are five groups: four in Palamuse and one in Kaarepere.

Different events and hobby courses are organized by two community centres, which are located in Palamuse and Kaarepere. You can find dance groups for different ages, an amateur theatre group (Palamuse amateur theatre is known around Estonia), a choir, a glee club and many others there. In addition, concerts and theatre performances take place in the community centres.

Parish sports activities are managed by MTÜ Palamuse Spordiklubi. Sporting possibilities are offered by:

·         Palamuse Gymnasium: a sports hall, a gym, a stadium, outdoor grounds for volley- and basketball

·         Luua Forestry School: a sports hall, a stadium and a volleyball ground

·         Kaarepere sports ground, a volleyball ground

The most significant and traditional events in the parish are:

·         Oskar Luts Humour Award

·         Theodor Luts Film Days

·         Big Paunvere Exhibition and Fair

·         Palamuse summer parties

·         Strongman competition Tõnisson

·         Palamuse Road Run

·         Kaarepere Village Day

·         Kettlebell competition Tootsi kivi (the Stone of Toots)

·         Paunvere Draughts Tournament



Palamuse Parish has a strong agricultural sector which guarantees the efficient usage of the land and the availability of jobs. Other economic sectors are not so well-developed.

There are 118 self-employed entrepreneurs, 122 limited-liability companies, 46 non-profit organizations and 1 limited company registered in the parish (05.11.2013). The majority of them are small- sized companies. The biggest employers are OÜ Paunvere Agro (in Palamuse), AS Evemar (in Luua) and OÜ Atria Farmid (in Palamuse). In addition to agriculture, you can find companies focused on growing flowers and plants and also on forestry counseling here.

The importance of manufacturing is low, this sector has not developed due to historical reasons. There is one company active in metal processing (OÜ Auto ja Metall). Construction and excavator works are provided by OÜ Kaevax in Luua.

The service sector is represented by four grocery stores (in Palamuse, Luua, Kaarepere and Kudina), two eating places: Köstri Ait and OÜ Tootsteele (pre-booking required) in Palamuse, two places offering accommodation (tourism farms). In addition, you can use hairdresser´s  services in Palamuse and a petrol station in Kudina.



Palamuse parish is known for Paunvere – the place name written to Estonian people´s memory by the writer Oskar Luts. Foreign people are attracted by the nature of Vooremaa. The most popular tourism objects are:

·         Palamuse culture complex – EELC Palamuse St. Bartholomews' Lutheran church, the parish school museum, the parsonage building, the pharmacy, the water mill and the church park

·         Luua Manor and the park

·         Luua Arboretum

·         Luua Forestry School´s  collection of animals and birds

·         the birth place of Oskar Luts

Accommodation service is provided by Mokko Tourism Farm and OÜ Kalevipoja Turismitalu (tourism farm) in Änkküla. In addition, it is possible to be accommodated in Palamuse Vicarage guest rooms or in Luua Forestry School hostel (in summertime). Mokko Farm offers boat rental service and a possibility to play tennis, OÜ Kalevipoja Turismitalu rents boats for boating on Lake Kuremaa. Camping and campfire grounds are located at OÜ Kalevipoja Turismitalu, in Nava Village at Lake Pikkjärv, in Luua next to Lake Prossa swimming area and near Luua arboretum.

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